Security Printing Solutions and Flexible Printed Electronics


Our focus is to serve our clients in demanding projects. Long-lasting experience and in-house expertise allow success in the more challenging deliveries.

These ambitious projects enable our continuous learning and development.

Security Printing Solutions

EPTAINKS develops, manufactures and supplies security inks for different technological applications such as: banknotes, brand protection, ID documents, smart cards and ticketing. Thanks to our experience we ensure products integrity and authenticity against any fraud or counterfeiting attempt.

A group of specialists supports and advises our clients in selecting the safest and most efficient solution to protect their business. Our wide range of application technology is able to identify and authenticate any object or sensitive information, protecting their brand and ensuring its value.

All our security inks are developed to withstand frequent physical and chemical stresses and follow the most stringent rules for health and environment protection.The complexity of our technological solutions is related to the required specific function, the target market and the tools necessary for authentication.EPTAINKS offers a full range of specialty inks suitable for different printing processes, from the most common ones available on the market, to the most exclusive and expensive ones.Moreover,

EPTAINKS know-how in the formulations of inks for different industries allows to provide solutions for assorted types of substrates: fabric, paper, plastic, etc.Within the security products portfolio, EPTAINKS offers inks both with overt features, such as the optical variable and scratch-off ones, and with covert features characterized by different levels of security.

Flexible Printed Electronics

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We are able to offer products of the highest quality for overt and covert authentication levels, with a variety of ranges suitable for printing with different printing technologies which includes:

Optical Variable Inks, UV Fluo inks, IR Fluo inks, IR Transparent inks, Pearlescent Inks, Magnetic Inks

Brand Protection

The products range also allow extensive customization, to maintain the uniqueness of the brand and enhance its value. Our proposal includes:

Optical Variable Inks, UV Fluo inks, Pearlescent Inks, IR Fluo inks, IR Transparent inks, Thermochromic inks, Phosphorescent inks

ID Documents

Our portfolio includes both overt and covert effects inks:

Optical Variable Inks, UV Fluo inks, IR Fluo inks, IR Transparent inks, Pearlescent Inks, Magnetic Inks